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The Wow Food Group Partners program is designed to give you the best dining rewards all around Monroe County! Receive monthly benefits, payouts, and member-only invites from each member of the

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20% Back on Investment

Get 20% back on your initial investment, PLUS monthly payouts that grow with the group.

Special Events

Receive early access to our events.

Go Behind the Scenes

Be among the first to know what's going on.

Concierge Services

Want the latest scoop on the hot new bar in the Group or a good place for a work lunch?

Exclusive Live Music

Wow Partners only nights filled with live music, craft cocktails, beer, and great food!

Earn Discounts

Get members only discounts and promotions sent straight you - worth up to $500!

Spend more.  Earn more.  Save more.  Share more.

Wow Food Group VIP members receive a monthly payout based on the total amount spent across all food group members.  That means the more individual members spend, the more the group earns!  Refer a friend to become a VIP today and get a referral bonus on your next payout!

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Benefits Earned:

Sign up for JUST $20/year

Receive discounts and promotions

Be the first to know about events

Get updates and see what's going on behind the scenes

Priority reservations

Special events and promotions on top of regular deals

Monthly payouts per group spend

Monthly spending allowance for any Wow Food Group location

Wow Partners Program

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